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Our page can be found under "Dave Heikes Berry Farm" and is updated daily so you can always know what's fresh and waiting for you on the farm!


Raspberries are ready

Raspberries are ready! We have them available for U-Pick and we have them already picked in our fresh market.



Call ahead to reserve your order.

We will have it ready for you to pick up!





Monday-Sunday:   9am - 6pm

We make shakes and lemonade using the freshest local dairy and our berries!

Come get'em while the berries are fresh from the field!

Come out to the farm.....                            

                       It's a Fun Summer Adventure!

We'll welcome you like an old friend.  Even better than that, you'll discover berries straight from the field taste like a dream.

              Sweet.  Fresh.  Delicious.                       

We love to farm and it shows.  You'll like what you see - acres & acres of top-quality, lovingly tended fruit ready for harvest.

While you're at it, plan to have a fresh berry milkshake, relax & enjoy.  

See ya soon!